A home of our own

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018

We are happy to report that about three weeks ago we moved into a rental home in Gilbert, AZ!  It has been 1500 sqft of restful beauty.  God provided couches, beds, kitchen supplies and towels through dear friends at Grace Bible Church, Grace Community Church and others.  Smedly Yates and Adam Bossom were quick last minute helpers that moved a TON of items in just under 2 hours!  We are still trying to get “settled” but the time that we have had thus far has been very sweet.

When we arrived back in October, we moved in with our dear friends Josh and Julie Kellso.  Their home had plenty of room.  Their kids are similar ages to ours and we share both a love for the Lord and eating tasty BBQ.  We had such sweet fellowship.  It was also great being in close proximity to another family.  It always seems to sharpen your parenting and communication skills.  We had planned to stay with them for around half of our time on furlough, then move in with another family.

During that time with the Kellsos, we discovered that even though living with other families is great.  There is a possible benefit of being on our own for the remainder of furlough.  We knew that living on our own would be a mixed bag of joys combined with unplanned financial burdens.  However, after seeking council from our Elders at Grace Bible Church, we decided to rent out the place we are in now.

Thank you for praying about this desire.  We wanted to let you know that this place has been a complete answer to those prayers.  I have found that being our own family allows for greater care for Lorie and our kids.  I am able to lead our family more intentionally.  We are seeing sweeter prayer times, more ease getting into God’s Word, setting priorities, and putting us on a trajectory to grow in areas we are weak.  Even the short time that we have had in the home has been very restful.

The home has also presented a financial burden that we did not originally budget for furlough.  We are looking at an additional monthly cost of $1250.  That number includes the rental payment and some of the utility cost.  There are more expenses, but we have been able to absorb those with our current monthly support.  We moved into the home January 25th and we leave for PNG in August.  That means a total deficit of $7,500 over the six months we will be in the home.  If you have a desire to help with this financial need please lets us know or visit our Get Involved page.