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Get involved supporting the Lehmans in PNG

God is currently providing us with 95% of our monthly support through the faithful donations of churches, dear friends and family back home.  Thank you to all what are faithfully supporting us!

We are committed to this work, regardless of our current support. When we have shortfalls in support we adjust our budget. The downside of adjusting our budget is future shortfalls in having enough funds for future expenses; airline tickets for furlough, funds for visa renewal, etc.

We are at 95% of our monthly support need!

Direct Withdrawal

Direct Withdrawal automatically deducts your donation from your bank account.This method is preferred as it carries the least amount of administration work or Finisterre Vision.


Please click the button below to fill out the Direct Withdrawal Online Form:

Finisterre Vision EFT Form


Donating with PayPal is safe and secure. Follow the link to be redirected to Finisterre Vision’s PayPal web portal.


All donations are tax deductible as we are a part of Finisterre Vision (a registered 501c(3) organization)

Check Payment

Please make the check payable to Finisterre Vision.  Designate where you would like the funds to go with a sticky note to the check that states the family or project name.


Mail check to:

Finisterre Vision

PO Box 3752 Gilbert, AZ 85299


  1. Dear Lorie & Jeremy – We’re now part of 50 for $50!

  2. We would like to commit to monthly support giving!

  3. Please include us on any e-mails

    • Definitely!

  4. We would like to donate for one of your specific needs. If we use a card or eft, how will we designate it?