Lehman Furlough 2017

Posted by on May 17, 2017

Furlough:  October 2017 – July 2018

To say our blog and website have been neglected would be an understatement.  This is my first post in the last five months… Rest assured, we are alive and well in Madang.  Lord willing the topic of furlough will be a good way to break the silence.

I remember setting foot in Madang.  It was December 6th 2014.  Our family was tired, excited and ready to get to work.  The idea of furlough was so far in the distance.  Thankfully, we had plenty to do before furlough and praise the Lord we have been busy…  Well, like all things in life the clock keeps ticking and now furlough is right around the corner.

We have officially set our departure date and purchased our plane tickets home.  We will be departing Madang on October 17th and arriving in Phoenix, AZ on October 18th!  Currently, we are planning to be back in the States for nine months, then heading back to PNG for another term.  The hope is to use this furlough to rest, play, train, worship at GBC, visit family, visit friends and speak at churches.  Anyway, we are excited to come back and visit!

On the majority, we will be in the East Valley of the Metro Phoenix area.  We have lodging arranged with two sweet families while we are back.  We are looking for a means of transportation while we are back.  There are two large trips we need to make.  We will be traveling throughout the Northwest and then a final trip from Arizona to Florida.  One thought we had was to purchase a used vehicle that we would sell when we head back to PNG.  However, we wanted to put the need out for transportation.  Perhaps you have a good lead on a used vehicle or you have an extra vehicle that we could use while on furlough?

We are discussing if there will be a welcome back party.  Stay tuned for more details on that.