Meet Team PNG


We are the first team sent out by Grace Bible Church in Tempe, AZ.  Lorie and I are so encouraged to have come to Papua New Guinea with such dear friends.

Below is a brief bio for our teammates. Our prayer is that this will encourage you to pray for all of us as we go together, work together, suffer together, and rejoice together. We would love for you to join our little team in prayer!

The Dodds

Matt & Cameron Dodd

Matt, Cameron, Susanna, Benaiah, Onesimus and Mary

The Dodds came with us to Papua New Guinea in December 2014. Although we were all a team, they would be working most closely with the Canns. They had a desire to translate the Bible into a local language and establish a church in an unreached language group. For just short of two years, they labored alongside the the Cann and us. Learning the trade language Tok Pidgin, performed surveys, chose the nDo language people and built two homes in the village of Mareroro.

In God’s providence, shortly after moving into the tribe, medical problems with their children sent them back to the States. Completely unexpected to them, just three months before their scheduled return to PNG, Matt Dodd was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The Dodd’s ministry moved from PNG, back to Arizona. Even though the location of ministry changed, their love for the people in Mawerero remained. Matt and Cameron both helped train and support the Mitchells to take over their work in the Ndo language.

Matt Dodd went to be with his Savior on July 18, 2017. Cameron continues to share with others about missions in Papua New Guinea and works with Finisterre Vision, utilizing her skills as a writer. Their kids are Susanna, Benaiah, Onesimus, and Mary.

 The Canns

Zach & Cassidy Cann

Zach, Cassidy, Jude and Oliver

Zach will serve primarily as a Bible teacher and will work with Ryan on Bible translation. Cassidy will use her administrative skills to help with logistics on the tribal side. Her efficiency and creativity will be vital for our literacy publications, scheduling, and other logistics.

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