Resting and working in Madang

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016

It has been a busy couple of weeks since we got back from the visit with the Canns in Mareroro.  Knox got sick the day we left and I got sick just two days after him.  In fact, the first week back in Madang was one of the most unproductive we have had in a lot time.  It was very discouraging but showed us we needed to add “resting” to the calendar.  Praise the Lord he is sovereign over such circumstances and we are called to be faithful in the midst of them.

Shooting Bow and Arrows

After that tiring week the following week was very productive.  The kids wanted to shoot the bow and arrows in the backyard.  It’s December in Madang so it’s very hot outside!  Since we had resting on our minds we went to Malalo Plantation (about 45 min drive North from Madang) last weekend to play on the beach.  It was the first time Lorie and the kids had enjoyed a real sandy beach since arriving in PNG.  Madang only has reef surrounding it so playing on a black sand beach for a day was a needed break.

The kids are now back full swing with homeschool.  Lorie continues to plow through the daily schedule of various subjects.  She loves what she does and I am thankful to the Lord that she has this desire to teach our kids.  I have the pleasure of teaching Greer’s grammar class.  It has been fun to diagram sentences along with identify words and their relationship to one another.

I have found myself staring at a computer most of the day since our return.  Being gone for two weeks seems to have a compounding effect on accounting for the organization.  Outside of that I have been working to update the non-profit status for Finisterre Vision as well as a three year training program report that needs to be submitted to the PNG government.  It has been very busy and I am looking forward to a few big priority items being completed in the next month or so.  I’d post a picture but who wants to see a picture of a computer screen!

Thank you to all that have been praying for us!  Please continue to do so!