The Generator (Genset)

Posted by on Jul 16, 2018

It became apparent after 6 months in PNG that having a generator at our, “Base of Operations” would be prudent.

At that time, some dear friends committed support towards a small generator. We used it whenever the power was off in Madang. No joke, town power was off for around 900 hours in just 2 years time. That little generator labored for us and keeps emergency items online whenever town power is off. It’s only disadvantage is the limited power it can generate (around 5000 watts).

A larger generator has been on the list of things to find for the last year. We recently found a much larger, 16,000 watt system that is used but in good condition. The unit is manufactured by a company called Northern Lights. It belongs to a Bible College in Goroka and we just purchased it for a very good price. The plan is to bring this unit down to Madang, service it and get it hooked up to the power grid at the house. We will then sell the original generator to help displace the cost.

NL Genset side view

We would covet your prayers and gratitude to the Lord for this generator!

  • Pray that we would be a able to get this unit moved down from Goroka with no damage.
  • Pray that we would be able to sell the smaller unit to displace cost.
  • Pray that maintenance and repairs would be minimal.
  • Pray we can build a shed and tie this unit into the power grid quickly.

Lord willing, this generator will serve us and future missionaries over the next 15+ years.


  1. We will be praying. So thankful that the Lord has provided a generator that will better service what you need. Are there any needs for building the shed?

    • Hey Melissa! There will be a need for general construction materials. Lumber, concrete, galvanized roofing and plywood. We will probably start on that project when we arrive in August (just 2 weeks away)!