The Return to Papua New Guinea

Posted by on Jun 20, 2018

We are only 43 days from our return flights to Papua New Guinea. The time God gave us has been fuller than we could have imagined. We visited with family and friends in so many different contexts and locations. Greer, Belle and Knox experienced foods they had forgotten, sat in a movie theater again, and played new sports with friends. We are refreshed, built up and almost ready to pack up and go.

Lorie and I asked the kids yesterday if they were ready to return back to PNG. With a single voice they shouted, “YES!” What an encouraging response! We hoped that their time in the United States would be fun, exciting and memorable. Their response helped us to remember that we still have work to finish back in the Southern Hemisphere. In just three weeks, we will be moving out of our rental home, and moving into a furnished home for the last few weeks. This will allow us to depart more easily on August 2nd. PNG, here we come!

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  1. We have loved getting to know Belle in the 7/8’s class. She is such a blessing. I can not believe how fast time has gone. We are praying for whoever may eventually replace you guys.