Visiting with a dear friend: Joey Tartaglia

Posted by on Aug 17, 2017

Joey Tartaglia in Madang

There’s just something refreshing about breaks in regular patterns of life.  It’s even sweeter when that break in life is a sweet friend from the States!  Joey Tartaglia came to PNG to give the Canns their third language check in nDo.  What’s great is that we had the opportunity to visit with him for a few days before he flew into Mareroro, and we have several days with him before he departs this Friday.

Joey is a director of Finisterre Vision.  He is also the one who trained us for PNG.  This always makes for easy conversations, recalling fond memories and a lot of laughter.  The three of us have had planning meetings for current and future goals of the Logistics role.  We have also been making some plans for furlough, which is just two months away.  Lastly, we have been meeting about some possible missionaries coming on board with Finisterre Vision.  We are always excited about the possibility of new laborers, bringing the gospel to remote language groups in the Finisterre Range.

The most exciting part of the trip was the news that the Canns are 85% proficient in the nDo language!  Praise the Lord for their diligence and the Lord’s grace in learning the language so quickly.